Patriotic Ribbon Flag Wreath (Example Only)


Show your American Pride for any patriotic holiday with this simple Rustic Patriotic Flag Wreath. It is made with faux burlap ribbons and is color safe, so they will be not bleed in the rain, and sun will not fade the colors quickly. (Please note: Everything eventually fades when exposed to the sun and weather, and we do recommend you bring in all wreaths during inclement weather.) Perfect for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veterans Day, etc! This wreath measures about 21" across. The is for example only and is no longer made to order.

Materials Used:

16" Wire Wreath Form; 4" Faux Burlap Star Ribbon: Navy Blue/Beige (1 Full Roll); 4" Burgundy Ribbon (1 1/2 Rolls) (could use red instead RG128024), 4" Beige Ribbon (1 Full Roll)

We used the burlap bubble method, pulling a loop up through each set of wires, before starting the next row. We kept our loops fairly loose so as not to make it to busy, or the bubbles too tight.