Patriotic Star Wreath Kit

SKU: Patriotic Star Wreath Kit

Patriotic Star Wreath Kit. You will receive everything you need to make a fabulous patriotic wreath! Includes 2 rolls of 10" mesh, wreath form, star sign, and 4 ribbons.

MATERIALS: XX750424, RY800518, RY800524, AP8704, RG01269CF, RG127924, RGC156524, RG0165118

We used the ruffle/cruffle method, cutting the mesh into 18" pieces, with 1 piece of natural poly jute, and one piece of red poly jute ruffled per tie, tie down the sign to the frame where desired, and attached 3 large bows around it, adding in 13” ribbon tails and small bows throughout the wreath using the four ribbons.