Bumblebee Floral Arrangement

SKU: Bumblebee Floral

This bright spring bumblebee floral arrangement features vibrant yellow ranunculus and poppies in a charming honeycomb pot. Adding to its whimsy are the adorable chubby bumblebees, and a black and yellow bow accent. Perfect for adding a touch of cheer and warmth to any room. Purchase this ready made arrangement or make your own with the supplies below!

MATERIALS: One each of Yellow Honeycomb Pot Cover, 21" Yellow Ranunculus Bush, Yellow Spiral Grass, 16" Bumblebee Pick, 2 x Poppy Fern Picks, 1.5" Black/White Swiss Dot Ribbon, 7/8" Yellow Ribbon, Dry Foam

Credit to Sonia with the Red Rustic Rose for making this arrangement.