Summer Cherry Wreath (Example Only)

SKU: Summer Cherry Wreath

Bright, Fun Summer Cherry Themed Wreath. Made with red, aqua, and white 10" deco mesh on a wire work wreath base, with bows made of assorted red, white, and ice blue ribbons, with a black and white check accent, and topped off with a patriotic flag style star. Wreath measures about 26" across and is very "fluffy"! This is for example only and is no longer available to order.

MATERIALS: One each of: XX748824, RE850349, RE1382NJ, RE1301R1, A6525, RG1279RM, RG127924, RGC156524, RGA1643EX, RG0179902, and 62945RD (we used two)

We used the ruffle/cruffle method, cutting 16 inch long pieces of each color of mesh - 18 pieces of red, 18 pieces of aqua, and 9 pieces of white. Roll the cut ends under, then scrunch to the middle to make a ruffle. Tie one piece of red and one piece of aqua mesh into each tie on the wreath frame, and tie down one piece of white mesh into every other tie down, so they are staggered on the inner and outer ring of the frame. Make one large bow and tie down in a spot on the inner ring. Make two medium size bows, and tie down on the inner ring, leaving a large space for the sign. Make and tie down smaller assorted bows and ribbon sprigs. We used the 2.5" ice blue ribbon and 1.5" red and white stripe ribbon together, in every other tie, and then used the other three ribbons in the remaining ties. Tie down the sign to the inner ring of the wreath frame using your own method of choice. We ran one chenille stem through the picture hanger on the back, and ran another at the bottom on the backside through a staple we placed with a staple gun. Screw eyes are another option we like. Cut cherry stems and place throughout using zip ties and/or a glue gun to hold them down.