When it comes to summer, there's nothing quite as refreshing as juicy summer fruit. Lemons and watermelons are two popular summer fruits that not only taste great but also have a bright and cheerful aesthetic that can be used in home decor to evoke feelings of warmth and joy. In this post, we'll show you how to make these simple lemon and watermelon hangers to help you capture that fresh, invigorating feeling and welcome guests all season long!

Lemon Door Hanger

The first door hanger uses a vine and fabric lemon wedge, greenery, a lemon spray, and a simple lemon themed bow. To make this door hanger, here is what we used:


  1. Begin by splitting your filler bush and lemon spray in half. Place half of the lemon spray and half of the filler bush together facing one direction, and the other half of each facing the opposite direction leaving space in the center where the bow will be added, where there is just stems. Use a couple zip ties to secure them together in the center.

  2. Attach the greenery to the bottom of the lemon by running a zip tie through the bottom of the vine on the lemon and around the greenery. Secure with an additional zip tie.

  3. Using the Solid Navy Ribbon, make a simple two loop bow with tails. 

  4. Using the navy and white gingham lemon ribbon, make a 4 loop bow with tails, with the loops slightly smaller than the navy bow. Layer on top of the navy ribbon and tie together with a chenille stem, and add to the center of greenery where you left space, with the same chenille stem. Fluff your bow!
  5. You can add a touch of hot glue to hold your bow in place on the lemon.

Your lemon vine door hanger is now complete!


The second door hanger is made out of a fun glittered foam watermelon slice, and a bow with watermelon ribbon and greenery. To make this door hanger, we used:


  1. Attach two adhesive cable mount squares to the back of your watermelon, one near each top corner, and run a chenille stem through each one.

  2. Cut a piece of your ribbon for hanging to about 6" longer than you would like it in order to hang where you like. Around 26" should be good. Run one end of the ribbon through one of the chenille stems and twist the stems tight. Do the same with the other side and opposite end of ribbon piece. Now you have a hanger

  3. Make your bow however you like! We made a simple two loop bow with the black and white Swiss dot ribbon, made a 4 loop bow with the watermelon ribbon, making the loops slightly smaller, and tied them together with a chenille stem. You can stop here and attach your bow and have an adorable door hanger, or keep going for more!

  4. Cut a few stems of greenery off, 4-6 should be good. Place an equal amount facing in opposite directions (2 and 2 stems, or 3 and 3), as we did with the lemon greenery, and zip tie together, leaving space in the center for the bow.

  5. Attach the bow to the greenery using the chenille stems from the bow.
  6. Attach the bow and greenery piece to the watermelon wherever you choose. Add another adhesive cable mount base where you would like your bow to go and attach with a chenille stem or zip tie.

Your watermelon door hanger is now complete!

These DIY summer fruit door hangers are a fun way to bring a fresh and cheerful vibe to your front door. Use your creativity to make it your own and make a statement!