Happiness is Homemade with Love and Butter Wreath (Example Only)

$17.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Happiness is Homemade with Love and Butter! If that doesn't make you feel at home, what does? This wreath is done on a deco mesh base with assorted bows ribbons, floral accents, and a wood sign.  This wreath measures about 24" across. Find the ingredients below to make your own!

One each of: RY900518, RE130102, RP812829, AP8361 (you could trade out this sign for another if preferred), RG0180002RGA118618, RG127929, Q817040-01, F3702109, 58205-yel

Ilene made this adorable sunny wreath on a grapevine, attaching mesh with chenille stems, but it can also be done on a work wreath form (I would suggest xx7504w4). Use the "poof" or "bubble" method with the RY900518, and add in scrunches or cruffles with the black and yellow 10" meshes. Make two layered bows with the ribbons and attach diagonally across the wreath with the sign in the middle, or use your own judgement in placement. Add in lots more ribbon, dovetailing the ends, cut two of the large yellow gerber daisy flowers off the bush and add in diagonally across the wreath, on opposite sides of the bows. Then snip off Black-eyed Susan stems and add in at different lengths. 



Spring and Summer