Winter Blue Penguin Wreath

$17.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

This precious winter penguin is ready to adorn your door this winter! He is donning a light blue and white scarf and earmuff set and is holding a frosty blue North Pole arrow sign. The wreath itself is about 24" across and made of a light blue mesh with silver and white mesh and ribbon accents with glittery snowflakes picks mixed in. He is sure to bring to delight to both young and old all winter long! We have one ready to ship and more can be made upon request.


1- 15" Metallic Work Wreath Form: Turquoise (can also use silver, light blue, or white); 1 Penguin Wreath Kit: Blue;Blue North Pole Arrow Sign; 1 Roll each of: Light Blue Metallic Decor Mesh - 21"; 10" Metallic Silver Deco Mesh; 10" Metallic White/Iridescent Mesh; 1 Roll 2.5" Solid White Satin Ribbon; 1 Roll 2.5" Let It Snow Ribbon: Light Blue; 1- 30" Winter Snowflake Spray


We used the regular "poof" method, using the 21" light blue mesh, tying a loop down with each set of ties on the wreath frame, all the way around both inner and outer rings. Cut the 10" silver and white mesh into 10" squares, "scrunch" them down the center, and tie one of each color into the ties (silver and white together). You can add them to every tie if you like, but we only zig-zagged from the inner ring to the outer ring and back, then filling in a couple spots so that we placed them in 10 sets of ties. You should have quite a bit left over of each roll to use on another wreath! Cut pieces of the white satin ribbon about 12" long, with slanted edges, and cut the Let It Snow ribbon into pieces about 24" long. Fold the ribbon in half creating a loop at the top, so that you kind of making half of a bow. The loop should be about 3" tall with tails hanging down. Place a white ribbon piece with the blue "bow", and tie it into a set of ties on the wreath (you should be tying it at the bottom of the "loop"). Keep going with these, adding them in evenly throughout the wreath. I like to zigzag mine from the inner ring to the outer ring, just like the mesh squares, then fill in any bare spots. Using the ties from the wreath frame, place the arrow sign in the middle of the wreath or where you like it, and run a tie through each side of the sign to hold it in place. Place the penguin pieces where you like (we made his wings "hold" the sign), and use the wires attached to each piece to stick through the wreath and wrap in place around the wire wreath frame. Finally pull the stems of the snowflake pick apart, place them where you like around the wreath, and again, stick the wire stem through the wreath and wrap around the wire frame. Voila! Try adding your own touches!