Simple Merry Christmas Wreath

$24.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Christmas Wreaths can be simple and beautiful. Sometimes the right mesh and sign say it all. This elegantly simple wreath is made with poly/jute mesh, a simple bow, and a beautiful solid wood Merry Christmas sign.

 *We recommend bringing wreaths inside during inclement weather*


15" Red Pencil Work Wreath Form; 21" Poly/Jute Mesh: Red/Tan/Moss Wide Stripe - one roll; 10.5" Poly Jute Mesh: Red/Natural - one roll is enough for a couple wreaths; 10.5" Poly Jute Mesh: Moss/Apple Green - one roll is enough for a couple wreaths; Rustic Wood Merry Christmas Sign; For the Bow: 4" Red Royal Faux Burlap Ribbon; 2.5" Moss Green Royal Faux Burlap Ribbon, floral wire or chenille stem.

We used the poof method, tying the 21" mesh into each set of ties, and added in the 10.5" mesh cut into 10" squares, alternating two squares of red in a tie, then two squares of green in the next tie, etc. Make a bow by making a large bow with the 4" red ribbon on bottom, and another slightly smaller bow in moss green ribbon on top, and tie together with floral wire or chenille stem, and attach to the wreath. Screw small eye screws into the back of your sign, and run the wreath form ties through them and pull tight, and twist them tight.