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This gorgeous and full Lumberjack wreath is made on a high quality flocked evergreen wreath, with a red and black buffalo check lumberjack and matching Comfy Cozy Are We sign. Red and black buffalo check, black and white polka dot, and white glitter ribbons fill the wreath, with just a touch of snowdrift mesh worked in, and a few snowball ornaments provide the finishing touch! This Christmas wreath measures about 24" across and is Ready to Ship! It is sure to impress! ***Free Shipping Included***

 *We recommend bringing wreaths inside during inclement weather*


24" Flocked Evergreen Wreath (or pick up an inexpensive one from your local craft store); 10.5" Cotton Drift Mesh: Thin Red/Wht Stripe; 4" Diagonal Check Ribbon: Black/Red/Grey1.5" Black/White Polka Dot Satin Ribbon1.5" White/Silver Glitter RibbonComfy Cozy Are We Sign; Buffalo Lumberjack Wreath Decor Kit; Box of Snowball Ornaments (we used three ornaments) (One of each item is all you will need)

We cut 8 pieces of the mesh in about 20" long pieces, and used the "scruffle" method (rolls the ends under and in, and scrunch the whole piece to turn into a ruffle), and spaced them around the wreath. Lay out the lumberjack pieces and sign to see where you want to anchor them. Anchor down the sign (you can use branches from the wreath, chenille stems, or wire). We made two large bows using all three ribbons, and placed them at about 2 o'clock and 8 o'clock, and made smaller bows to fill in. We finished the wreath by hot gluing the snowball ornaments down.