Christmas Nutcracker Wreath Swag

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Christmas Nutcracker Wreath Swag.

*It is recommended that this wreath is brought in during inclement weather if not protected under a covered porch.*


Supplies (1 of each item):

Red Work Rail

Plush Nutcracker Wreath Decor Kit

10" Metallic Red Deco Mesh

10" Metallic Green Deco Mesh

2.5" Christmas Plaid Ribbon

2.5" Gold Metallic Red/Green Dash Edge Ribbon

1.5" Emerald Green Royal Faux Burlap Ribbon

Gold Glittered Spiral Pine Spray

3 each of 80mm Smooth Feathered Ball Ornaments: Gold

We used the "cruffle" method, cutting pieces of mesh roughly around 20", slightly rolling the ends under, and scrunching it down the middle to make a ruffle. We used 2 red pieces and one green per tie on the Work rail, then lay out the nutcracker where we like, and make and place bows around him. We made one extra large bow at his front, and added in smaller bows around him, then added the gold ornaments, and tied the nutcracker down with his attached wires, onto the work rail form. We then pulled the stems off of the spray and poked them in throughout the swag.