Bright Mad Hatter Style Bunny Wreath (Example Only)

$17.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Get Whimsical this Easter! This dapper Bunny is dressed up Mad Hatter style with his black and white glitter harlequin hat and bright bold colors mixed in with black and white glitter! He has black and white glitter polka dot eggs and bright daisies to finish him off! Measures 26".  The is for example only and is no longer made to order.

Material List:

One each of: XX748827 (or work form of your choice), Mesh: RE1301R1, RE130120 and RY850362, Ribbons: RGA149827, RD110311, RW783129, RG52786A (this is a 50yd roll, or you this new purple color also comes in our Spring Solid Ribbon Assortment Box RG0031), RX9143KJ41012-09-01, Decor and Accent Pieces: MD0579, 84134BKWT, 62296BKWT (If these are sold out, the Black & White Harlequin Ball Ornaments would look amazing! XY8671TX), 62546BKWT, 54834-btypuyel. 

We used mostly the white mesh and black and white border mesh to make "cruffles", where you cut pieces about 16" long, roll each end under, then scrunch to make a ruffle. Tie one black and one white into all of the ties, then add the orange in every other tie or so. Hot glue the hat onto the bunny head, holding it tight in place until the glue dries, as the fur will want to pull away. (You will need to fold the ears back at the bottom to make room for the hat on the head.) Make a large bow to go under the head using RGA149827, RX9143KJ, RW783129, and the rainbow ribbon, or whichever ribbons you want. Tie bow with floral wire or a chenille stem. Place the bunny head on the inner circle of the wreath frame and tie him down to the frame with the attached wires, and tie the bow down directly below. (You can also use hot glue to keep the head on the bow.) Make another large layered bow using the pink dupioni, black and white check, yellow velvet, solid purple, and rainbow ribbons, and attach it across the wreath and up a little higher than the bunny.  Add in additional bows and ribbon sprigs throughout the wreath, mixing and alternating ribbons. Cut the ribbon off of the polka dot Easter eggs and hot glue them into the wreath, or you may be able to poke wire into them and tie them down. Pull apart the stems of the harlequin ball spray and add them in throughout. You can use their own wire to attach to the frame or hot glue them. Finally, using the daisy bush, cut off a purple daisy from it's stem and hot glue it to the hat, and cut a few more flower stems and hot glue them around the wreath to finish it off.

P.S. Other Ideas: We also thought this wreath would be cute with a pocket watch, or paint an unfinished Wooden Easter Egg AB2537 in black and white check or harlequin). A Mad Hatter style Bunny wreath would also be cute in Black, White and Red!!