36" Funky Bunny Swag

$17.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Funky cute little bunnies are peeking out from all over this fun Easter swag! It is made with iridescent pastel mesh, fun spring ribbons, and Easter eggs!

Material List:

One each of: XX202827 (or white swag of your choice), Mesh: Any assortment of RY8501 iridescent pastel mesh rolls, 2 would probably do the trick, but 3 colors is fun! Ribbons: We only used ribbons from our Spring Ribbon Assortment Box RG0029); Decor and Accent Pieces: Funky Bunnies (we used one of each accept orange) 62549ASST, 62028SP16 (1), Bag of Easter Eggs.

Lisa with Kellums Kreations made this fun Easter swag for us, making her "scruffles" with the mesh and tying them down with the teardrop branches. She cut the bottoms of the bunnies to pull the beans out, and hot glued them back shut, and used the spring ribbons to tie a little bow for each one and hot glue it on. She made three Terri Bows (you can google it and find YouTube videos, or make your own style bows), and wired them down the center of the swag, evenly spaced, and tied in a few extra ribbon pieces to fill in empty spots. She then pulled apart the tinsel Easter egg spray and added those in throughout. You can wire them in or hot glue them to teardrop branches. Finally, she used the bag of eggs to add in the stripes to help break up all the solid colors, and hot glued them in. That's it! Pretty simple and easy! We thought adding in some coordinating floral blooms would also be fun! Try it and make it your own! 

P.S. We also thought these funky bunnies would make cute additions to Easter arrangements with some greenery and ribbon in a cute little watering can!