Fall Boho Pumpkin Swag

Boho Pumpkin Swag
$24.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Extra large Fall Boho Pumpkin Swag with fuzzy faux fur pumpkins and designer ribbon surrounded by fall grass and florals. This is made on 36" Teardrop swag base and Measures about 45" long by 20" wide. This one is example, but you ask Lisa to make you another!

 *We recommend bringing wreaths inside during inclement weather*

You can watch Lisa make this swag on our Facebook page Here 


XX2028W4 (Smaller burlap teardrops available, XX7784W4), XB97010-15MT25260 (This ribbon can easily be eliminated or replaced with a less expensive ribbon to reduce the cost of making your own), 56934CM56934BN56600BE56523BE x 2, 56761GDYW x 2, 52360BN x 2.