Blush Pink Easter Floral Arrangement

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A sweet, simple, yet cute Easter arrangement for the home or office. Made with silk blush pink peonies in a white enamel jar with pom pom bunny sprays, yellow filler, and a sweet bow.

Material List:

30597BLUSH Peony Bouquet x 2; Enamel Jug KE1852; Pom Pom Bunny Sprays x 2 62542EAS; Yellow Filler 30356YW; Bow was made using ribbons from the Spring Gingham Assortment Box RG0030. Individual ribbons are RG010481L, RG0104829, and RG1278LT; Floral foam

Cut up floral foam and fill the jug with it. Place each peony stem in the jug, shoving the stem into the foam. Place outer peonies at a lower height, and inner blooms slightly higher. Pull apart the stems on the bunny spray, and place three stems with bunnies down a center line through the bouquet, with the center one at the tallest. Cut off stems of the yellow filler bush, and scatter them throughout the bouquet to break up the pink, and add in remaining pom pom stems. Finally, make a bow out of the pink gingham ribbon, a smaller one out of the yellow gingham to layer on top, and tie with a small piece of floral wire. Cut a long piece of green ribbon, wrapping it around the jug, with the center of the ribbon at the back, coming around to the front. Tie a knot around the pink and yellow bow, and then tie a bow on top leaving long tails. Curl all the tails, wrapping them around your fingers.