Blue/Pink Whimsical Bunny Wreath

$17.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Get Whimsical this Easter! This dapper Bunny is dressed up in turquoise and royal blue and pink, with a fun blue harlequin hat and little blue bunny paws. He looks as if he is ready to jump out of this wreath.

Material List:

One each of: XX751130 (or work form of your choice) RE130144, RE130122, RY8503F9, RA100325, RD110311, RX9135A2, RG127822MD0579, 62620BL, 62554BL, 62505BT, 62505BL, XX211154834-orbtygrn (or pink flowers from any daisy bush). (Please note, we added all of these materials to show examples of how they can be used. You can adjust your wreath how you like. Use more or less!)

We used the the turquoise and pink mesh rolls to make "cruffles" on the inner circle, where you cut them about 16" long, roll each end under, then scrunch to make a ruffle. Tie one of each color into the inner ring ties. We did the same on the outer ring, but also added the border stripe mesh at the bottom of each tie. Hot glue the hat onto the bunny head, holding it tight in place until the glue dries, as the fur will want to pull away. Place him in the middle of the wreath with an inner circle tie directly below him where you can tie in his bow. Use the two 4" dupioni ribbons and the turquoise stripe ribbon to make a large layered bow, tie with a chenille stem or floral wire, and attach it to the tie. You can tie down the bunny head to the wreath frame at this point, or do it later. Place the bunny feet just below the bow and tie down on the frame. Add in additional bows throughout the wreath. We alternated using the blue dupioni and 1.5" pink together and using the 1.5" pink and 1.5" turquoise stripe together. Pull apart the stems of the pom pom sprays, and add the pink ones in individually around the outside of the wreath. Cut two of the blue pom poms off the stems and hot glue onto the bows on the sides of the bunny's head. Untie the white chenille curly stems and place evenly around the wreath. They are wired, so they can be wrapped around the frame to tie down, and shaped to your liking. Finally, cut off a few pink flower stems and place around the wreath to finish it off.




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