Spring Welcome Bunny Wreath (Example Only)


This sweet bunny is dressed and ready to hop into Spring! She is done on a Large 30" evergreen wreath with deco mesh ruffles, a Spring Welcome sign, assorted Easter eggs, greenery and flowers, and she has a sweet large glittered bow.

Material List:

Wreath Base: XX2669 (or smaller evergreen wreath),RE1301R1, XB97410-03, RY8312F2 (2 rolls each were used on the large wreath. Only 1 roll each needed for a smaller wreath).MD0579, AP8593. For Bow: RGA181822, RGA181833, RX9146WW, RG0165115, RG0172413. Greenery and Florals: Pink Roses from 72357-BTYPKYE, OR you could use 57243-PK, 2 bushes of 80310-PK, 2 of 13464GN, 1 of 13461VAGN. Easter eggs: 3 of 62035GN and 2 of 62517PK(Please note, we added all of these materials to show examples of how they can be used. You can adjust your wreath how you like. Use more, less or different!)

Cut long strips of the pink glitter ribbon in shape to make the inset of the bunny's ears and hot glue them to the ears. Cut the pink roses off of the rose bush and hot glue a few to the top of her head. Make a large layered bow using each ribbon. Make "cruffles" with each color of mesh, cutting pieces about 16" long, roll under each edge, then scrunch to make a ruffle. Alternate and stagger colors throughout the wreath, using the branches to tie them in. Tie the bunny head down onto the wreath using the attached wires, and tie the bow down directly below her head. Stagger the sign across from her on the wreath and attach it, either using screw eyes and chenille stems, or staple chenille stems to the back and tie down. Pull apart stems of greenery and pink tulips and roses, and add them throughout the wreath, hot gluing them in. Place the large glitter eggs around the wreath and hot glue. Pull apart the stems of the chenille eggs, and add them throughout the wreath, tying them to the frame with the wreath branches or with their own wire. You can also add the glitter ball stems from the sprays. Use hot glue as needed. *This is a 30" wreath made for a large wall. You can make a small version on a smaller wreath.*