Welcome Bumblebee Wreath (Example Only)


This Bumblebee Welcome Wreath will be all the buzz on your door! It is done on a deco mesh base with an assortment of yellow, black and white bows and ribbons with an adorable round bumblebee ornament and Welcome sign. This wreath measures about 24" across. Find the ingredients below to make your own! The is for example only and is not made to order.

One each of: XX751102, RE130102, RE130229 (RE130032 can also be used), RP812140, AP803329, 62104yw, RG0195229, RG100202, RG0193502, RGA105629, and 2 bushes of 62417WT.

We used the "cruffle" method with the black and yellow mesh, and added in the black and white checked poly burlap, staggered throughout the wreath. We made two layered bows using each of the ribbons, and attached them diagonally across from each other, and added the foam bee and sign in. Add in additional ribbons sprigs to fill in, along with cut stems from the daisy bush, adding them in at different lengths.