Frosty Blue Snowman Wreath (Example Only)


Look at this adorable Frosty Blue Snowman Wreath! This snowman looks so inviting with his cheery smile and blue top hat and scarf as he holds a lightweigt arrow shaped "SNOW" sign with a cute matching snowman! He decorates a 24" wreath done with a mix of royal blue snowball mesh, turquoise snowball mesh, and white mesh. Light blue and white snowflake ribbon and glittery snowflake picks provide the finishing touches. He is sure to bring to delight to both young and old all winter long! The is for example only and is no longer made to order.


1- 15" Metallic Work Wreath Form: Royal Blue; 1 Plush Snowman Wreath Kit: Blue; 1 Blue Snow with Snowman Arrow Sign; 1 Roll each of: 10.5" Royal Blue Snowball Mesh; 10.5" Turquoise Snowball Mesh;10" Metallic White/Iridescent Mesh;1 roll 2.5" Falling Snowflake Ribbon: Light Blue; 1 29" Glitter Snowflake Spray

We cut the mesh into roughly 10" squares, "scrunched" each square down the middle, and tied one of each color into each tie on the work wreath form. There are 18 ties on these particular forms, so you would need 18 squares of each color. You should have quite a bit left over of each roll to use on another wreath! Cut your ribbon into about 12-13" long pieces and dovetail the ends. Add them in evenly throughout the wreath. I like to zigzag mine from the inner ring to the outer ring, then fill in any bare spots. Using the ties from the wreath frame, place the arrow sign in the middle of the wreath or where you like it, and run a tie through each side of the sign to hold it in place. Place the snowman pieces where you like (we made his hands "hold" the sign), and use the wires attached to each piece to stick through the wreath and wrap in place around the wire wreath frame. Finally pull the stems of the snowflake pick apart, place them where you like around the wreath, and again, stick the wire stem through the wreath and wrap around the wire frame. Voila! Try adding your own touches! (Some blue and white striped ribbon would also look cute with his scarf!)