Time for a Warehouse!

Posted by Sara Jennings on October 12th, 2015

We reached another milestone for this small business over the summer.  We are no longer cutting logos from the driveway, cutting/gluing ribbon in the craft room, stocking shelves in the garage, packing boxes in the dining room, and shipping packages from our front porch.  The Wreath Shop has a new home with a warehouse and a small office located at 15222 King Rd #203, Frisco, TX 75034 !

Earlier this year, this was the scene in our garage and storage unit:

After printing an order, we would gather the items from the garage shelves or dining room shelves (yes, we had several shelves of ribbons in our dining room), box them up in the front room, tape them up, weigh the boxes, and label them with either FedEx or USPS shipping labels. During busy times, the whole family would pitch in.  Call it a stocking party or a shipping party, but having more hands moving items certainly helped. 

As we offered more and more different types of inventory, the garage and storage unit no longer had the space needed.  Well, that and the family was tired of walking sideways just to squeeze through a narrow walkway in the garage.  Ha!  Time to upgrade to an actual facility and make the move from a home-based business to a small business close to home.

Voila! Here is a view from inside the new warehouse!

We now have all our inventory in one place, including: shipping materials, crafting tools, office supplies, and trade show displays.  This also provides a MUCH less awkward atmosphere for the occasional "stop-by" shoppers.  Yes, I was tad embarrassed to have folks shop for ribbon in my dining room amidst a messy house with yelling children and a barking dog.  

Not only did The Wreath Shop gain a new home, but we also gained a few new employees to help fill supply orders, organize the shop, paint/craft centerpieces, etc.!  I can't say enough good things about these ladies helping out, because their talents and skills have allowed us to keep this business growing!